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Symmetric unitary one-matrix model, String equation




Mathematics | Physics


The space of all solutions to the string equation of the symmetric unitary one-matrix model is determined. It is shown that the string equation is equivalent to simple conditions on points V 1 and V 2 in the big cell Gr (0) of the Sato Grassmannian Gr. This is a consequence of a well-defined continuum limit in which the string equation has the simple form [P; Q \Gamma ] = 1, with P and Q \Gamma 2 \Theta 2 matrices of differential operators. These conditions on V 1 and V 2 yield a simple system of first order differential equations whose analysis determines the space of all solutions to the string equation. This geometric formulation leads directly to the Virasoro constraints L n (n 0), where L n annihilate the two modified-KdV -functions whose product gives the partition function of the Unitary Matrix Model.

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