Cynthia Koch

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Fall 2005

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Imaging America, Camus Community Partnerships, Project based collaboration, Excellence




Arts and Humanities | Higher Education Administration


This study sets forth what practitioners themselves believe to be the characteristics of excellence in campus-community partnerships in the arts, humanities, and design. It presents the fruits of a research project of modest scale. But in so doing it reveals something large: a flourishing world of work populated by faculty artists and scholars; staff members of nonprofit organizations and public cultural institutions; and creative citizens working through robust networks. Attentive to the texture and tones of practioners' voices, the report responds to people who are clearly hungry to address questions about excellence.

Making Value Visible opens a window on the thriving, stressful, but often invisible economy of project-based collaboration in the cultural disciplines. Most importantly, the report conveys a crucial truth about democratically conducted and publicly consequential cultural work: for "civic professionals," as Scott Peters calls them, excellence is a negotiated social experience of creativity and agency.

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Prepared by Cynthia Koch, Ph.D. For Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life With a Foreword by Julie Ellison Report presented by Imagining America A Consortium of Colleges and Universities


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