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Pagkababae at Pagkalalake (Femininity and Masculinity): Developing a Filipino Gender Trait Inventory and predicting self-esteem and sexism, Vivienne Velez Valledor-Lukey

Synthesis, Design, and Biological Evaluation of Inhibitors and Activators of Src Homology 2 Domain-Containing Inositol Phosphatase (SHIP) and Synthetic Studies of Apicularen A and Maoecrystal V, Dennis Racca Viernes

Development of Spect and Ct Tomographic Image Reconstruction, Levon Orion Vogelsang

Moral Economy Meets Global Economy: Negotiating Risk, Vulnerability and Sustainable Livelihood among Shrimp Farming Households in Vietnam's Mekong Delta, Hong Anh Thi Vu

Sillica Nanoporous Materials Adsorption and Release Study, Gang Wang

Lesbians and Their Mothers: A Taiwanese Experience, Meng-ning Wang

Effects of Surface Roughness on the Indoor Particle Deposition Rate Constant, Shaojie Wang

International, National, and Local Notions of the Public Library: An extended case study in Namibia, Sarah M. Webb

Cultivating the City: Urban Agriculture and Agrarian Questions in Brooklyn, New York, Evan Weissman

Teaching Children to Fluently Decode Nonsense Words in Lists: Generalized Effects to Oral Reading Fluency of Connected Text, Candace Susan Werder

Crowdsourcing Scientific Work: A Comparative Study of Technologies, Processes, and Outcomes in Citizen Science, Andrea Wiggins

Food For Thought: Sustainability, Community-Engaged Teaching and Research, and Critical Food Literacy, Dianna Winslow

Investigation of Explosives and Related Compounds Using Terahertz Spectroscopy and Solid-State Density Functional Theory, Ewelina Witko

Technosexuality: Technology, Sexuality, and Convergence, John M. Wolf

"Seeing Another/Seeing Oneself": Nondisabled Audiences' Perspectives on Disability in Two South Korean Films, Oasis (2002) and Malaton (2005), Chung Wan Woo

Perceptions of Factors Related to Therapeutic Change in Face-To-Face and Distance Counseling Environments, Stephen Harding Wright

Study of VOCs Transport and Storage in Porous Media and Assemblies, Jing Xu

Geometries in Soft Matter, Zhenwei Yao

Intelligent Data Fusion for Applied Decision Support, Xiang Ye

The Rhetoric of Mom Blogs: A Study of Mothering Made Public, Madeline Yonker

Engineering A Place for Women: A Study of How Departmental Climate Influences the Career Satisfaction of Female Mechanical Engineering Faculty Members, Monica J. Young

Spatial Patterns of Mercury in Atmospheric Deposition, Soils and Lake Biota in the Adirondack Park, New York, Xue Yu

Measurement Of Neutron Radius In Lead By Parity Violating Scattering Flash ADC DAQ, Ahmed Zafar

Development of a Novel Statistical Method and Procedure for Material Characterization and a Probabilistic Approach to Assessing the Hygrothermal Performance of Building Enclosure Assemblies, Jianhua Zhao

The Influence of Employees' Mindset on the Feedback Process, Matthew Zingoni

Geochemical and Geochronological Constraints on the Origin and Evolution of Rocks in the Active Woodlark Rift of Papua New Guinea, Nasser Alexander Zirakparvar


Bioenergetics and dynamics of ciliary responses and systems biology of phototaxis in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, Suphatra Adulrattananuwat

Two Octopuses Making Love: An Analysis of Institutional Management Behaviors Across Four Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment Project Networks in Rochester and Buffalo, NY, Rob Alexander

The Effects of Settlement Policy on Refugee Political Activism: Sudanese Refugees in Australia and the US, Hannah Allerdice

State-Based Techniques For Designing, Verifying And Debugging Message Passing Systems, Rajaa Khaled Alqudah

Meeting of the Minds: Perceptions of and Experiences with School-Based Mental Health Services, Jill Priest Amati

Essays on Vulnerability to and Likelihood of Reemergence from Corporate Bankruptcy, Punit Arora

A Single-Field Finite-Difference Time-Domain Formulations for Electromagnetic Simulations, Gokhan Aydin

Sweet Spring: The Development and Meaning of Maple Syrup Production at Fort Drum, New York, David W. Babson

Effects Of Calcium Addition On Structure And Bioavailability Of Soil Organic Matter, Ankit Balaria

Controlling Biofouling by Surface Engineering and Molecular Inhibition, Debjyoti Bandyopadhyay

Tuning Modernity: Musical Knowledge and Subjectivities in Colonial India, c. 1780s - c. 1900, Sharmadip Basu

Waiting for Your Return: A Phenomenlogical Study on Parental Deportation and the Impact of the Family and the Parent-Child Attachment Bond, Erika Beckles Flores

"The Future of Asia": The Oberlin Shansi Memorial Association, Tunghai University, and the Rhetorics of Intercultural Exchange, 1955-1979, Jonathan Parks Benda

Genealogies of Resistance to Incarceration: Abolition Politics within Deinstitutionalization and Anti-Prison Activism in the U.S., Liat Ben-Moshe

Excess Porteous, Coherent Porteous, and the Hyperelliptic Locus in M3, Thomas S. Bleier

Business Models and Performance: Entrepreneurial aspects in the New York wine industry, David Brannon

Old Broken Crayons: Adolescent Artists with Autism in Art Education, Corrie Burdick

Searching for Gravitational Waves from Compact Binary Coalescence Using LIGO and Virgo Data, Collin Capano

Towards an Information Theoretic Framework for Evolutionary Learning, Stuart William Card

Movement of the Organized Blind in India: From Passive Recipients of Services to Active Advocates of Their Rights, Jagdish Chander

Application of high throughput sequencing in selection of RNA aptamers, Lei Chen

Sizing for Deep Submicron VLSI Circuits, Wei-Yu Chen

Characteristics of closest friends: A comparison among U.S., international and Third Culture college students, Kyoung Mi Choi

Growing Up Gay in Black America: An Exploration of the Coming Out Process of Queer African American Youth, DeMarquis Clarke

Essays on Product Acquisition for Value Recovery, Dwayne D. Cole

Thomas Hobbes' Response to the Fool: Justice and Magnanimity, Andrew James Corsa

Skeletal Muscle Function, Morphology, and Biochemistry in Ts65Dn Mice: A Model of Down Syndrome, Patrick Michael Cowley

"It's the Resources": Work, Governance, and the Institutionalization of an Emergency Food Network, Stephanie Crist

Characteristics of the Fields in the Near and Far Zone Of Antennas and Its Significance in Wireless Communication, Arijit De

Two Essays on Governance in IPO Firms, Palash Deb

Information Behaviors in Higher Education Research Administration: Support for Collaborative Proposal Development Activities, Christina Leigh Deitz

Optimizing the use of the audit in alcohol screening for college students, Kelly Smith DeMartini

Age-Related Changes in Listening Effort for Various Types of Masker Noises, Jamie L. Desjardins

Specters of truth: Exercising philosophy and theology, T. Wilson Dickinson

Investigation of Coenzyme Q10 Production in Sporidiobolus johnsonii, David Dukane Dixson

Class and Gender in the Phillippines: Ethnographic Interviews with Female Employer-Female Domestic Dyads, Emelda Tabao Driscoll

Molecular Characterization of Genetic Components of Pathogen Defense in Arabidopsis, Aditya Dutta

Victory's Foundation: US Logistical Support of the Allied Mediterranean Campaign, 1942-1945, David D. Dworak

Whom Would You Choose? The Role of Trust in New Venture Partner Choice, Verona Patrice Edmond

The Good, the Bad, and the Persuasive: Enhancing Retention of Future Information Professionals through Attitude Inoculation, Isabelle J. Fagnot

Higher Derivative Gravitational Systems and Ghost Fields, Michele Fontanini

Teaching Science to English Language Learners: Instructional Approaches of High School Teachers, Betty-Vinca N. Frank

Intelligent Processing in Wireless Communications Using Particle Swarm Based Methods, Weihua Gao

The Effects of Two Interventions on the Generalization of Oral Reading Fluency: Training to Generalize versus Repeated Readings, Lynne E. Gertz

Guilty Looks: The Pains and Pleasures of Liberal Reform in Late-Victorian Britain, Tanushree Ghosh

Analyticity, Platonism, and A Priori Knowledge, Deke Cainas Gould

Taxes, Welfare and Democratic Discourse: Mainstream Media Coverage and the Rise of the American New Right, Matt Guardino

Development of a Novel Methodology for the Identification of VOC Emission Sources in Indoor Environments based on the Material Emission Signatures and Air Samples measured by PTR-MS, Kwanghoon Han

Performing the Self: Character Agency and Impression Management within the Narrative of Survivor: Samoa, Carolyn Davis Hedges

Ecological Momentary Intervention [EMI]: Incorporating Mobile Technology into a Disordered Eating Treatment Program for College Women, Kristin E. Heron

The View From Ecuador: Security, Insecurity, and Chaotic Geographies of U.S. Migrant Detention and Deportation, Nancy Ann Hiemstra

Evolution of Complex Sperm Morphology, Dawn M. Higginson

The Effect of Physical Activity on the Insulin Response to Frequent Meals, Michael E. Holmstrup

Of His Bones are Coral Made: Submerged Cultural Resources, Site Formation Processes, and Multiple Scales of Interpretation in Coastal Ghana, Rachel Lynelle Horlings

Ethnography of the City: Creativity, Sustainability, and Social Justice in Seattle, Washington, Serin Day Houston

Toward a Theory of Serial Entrepreneurship: Decomposing Entrepreneurial Experience, Dan Kai Hsu

Internet Adoption and Integration by Network Television News (1997 to 2004), Katherine A. Hughes

The Maintenance of Male Color Polymorphism in Poecilia parae, Jorge L. Hurtado-Gonzales

The Differential Scheme and Quantum Computation, Robert J. Irwin

In the name of the father Lacanian reading of four white South African writers, Obiwu Iwuanyanwu

Decision-Making with Heterogeneous Sensors - A Copula Based Approach, Satish Giridhar Iyengar

Christian Identity in Response to Moral Choices in Gaming: A Textual Analysis of Popular Video Games, Jeffrey Lance Jackson

Protection Models for Web Applications, Karthick Jayaraman

Supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories on the lattice, Anosh Joseph

A Distributed Approach for Fault Mitigation in Large Scale Distributed Systems, Mina Jung

Essays on Foreign Direct Investment, Agglomeration and Productivity, Fariha Kamal

Leadership Style And Diversionary Theory Of Foreign Policy: The Use Of Diversionary Strategies By Middle Eastern Leaders During And In The Immediate Aftermath Of The Gulf War, Kilic Bugra Kanat

Essays on the Inter-Governmental Interdependence of Tax Policy, Atsushi Kawamoto

Methods for improving finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulations of electromagnetic problems, Gyusub Kim

E Effects of Internet Use on Academic Achievement and Behavioral Adjustment among South Korean Adolescents: Mediating and Moderating Roles of Parental Factors, Soohyun Kim

The Flower of Human Perfection: Moses Mendelssohn's Defense of Rationalist Aesthetics, Aaron M. Koller

Treatment as a Common Good: Adopting HIV/AIDS Policy in Russia and South Africa, 1999-2008, Vladislav Kravtsov

Debates on Gender and Technology: Cesarean Births in Taiwan, Chen-I Kuan

Securing Critical Internet Resources: Influencing Internet Governance through Social Networks and Delegation, Brenden Kuerbis