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Education Finance Reform, School Choice, and Residential Sorting, Ilhwan Chung

Methodology for Standby Leakage Power Reduction in Nanometer-Scale CMOS Circuits, Jae Woong Chun

The Maritime Archaeology of West Africa in the Atlantic World: Investigations at Elmina, Ghana, Gregory David Cook

Unlocking Students' Perspectives of Leadership, Jonathan Damiani

Hydrothermal Chemistry of the M(I,II)/PAHA/Anion System, Kari Ann Darling

Lightning in a Bottle: A History of the Syracuse Writing Program, 1986-1996, Laura J. Davies

Paper Towns: Sense of Place in Industrial, Small-Town New England, 1869-1927, David William Deacon

Whole-School Inclusive Reform: "It's What's Best for Kids”, Nicole M. DeClouette

Microstrip Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices for Quantum Information Science, Michael Paul DeFeo

Spaces of Socio-Ecological Distress: Fossil Fuels, Solar Salt, and Fishing Communities in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela, Elvin E. Delgado

Thermally Aware, Energy-Based Techniques for Improving Data Center Energy Efficiency, Dustin W. Demetriou

The Role of Fluorescence and Human Factors in Quantitative Transdermal Blood and Tissue Analysis Using NIR Raman Spectroscopy, Bin Deng

Child Care Center Directors' Perceptions of Continuity of Care: A Qualitative Investigation, Desalyn De-Souza

An Essay on the Ontology of Reasons, Jeremy Anon Dickinson

The Eventual Vanishing of Self-Extensions, Kosmas Diveris

Meaningful Experiences: An Essay on Experiences of Understanding, Jordan Dodd

Evaluation of a Web-based Intervention for College Marijuana Use, Jennifer Christine Elliott

"Women With No One": Community and Christianity in a Secular South Indian Homeless Shelter, Connie Etter

Oral Delivery of the Appetite Suppressing Neuropeptide PYY(3-36) through the Vitamin B12 Dietary Uptake Pathway, Christopher H. Fazen

Design, Modeling and Analysis of Non-classical Field Effect Transistors, Peijie Feng

Champs-Multizone and Virtual Building for Integrated Building Systems Design and Performance Evaluation, Wei Feng

Ideology, Truthmaking and Fundamentality, Anthony Robert James Fisher

The Essays on Unintended Consequences of Public Policy, Andrew Ira Friedson

Three Essays on the Quality of Marriage, Jose V. Gallegos

Dynamic Thermal Management for Microprocessors, Yang Ge

Political Emotions: Toward a Fresh Perspective on Collective Emotion in Composition Work, Ingrid Jonna GIlfus

Mechanisms of Transfer: Modeling Motivational and Self-Regulatory Processes that Promote Transfer of Learning, John A. Gonzalez

Arbitrarily Oriented Biaxially Anisotropic Media: Wave Behavior and Microstrip Antennas, Jennifer Warzala Graham

Multiblock Thermoplastic Polyurethanes For Biomedical and Shape Memory Applications, Xinzhu Gu

Voltage Effects on Cells Cultured On Metallic Biomedical Implants, Seyed Morteza Haerihosseini

Experiencing Zion: Contemporary Pilgrimage in the Latter-day Saint Tradition, Airen Hall

Brand-Extension or Self-Extension? Using Avatars to Study the Effects of Self-Image Congruence on Brand-Extension Evaluation, Mitchell Hamilton

Does Corporate Governance Influence Misstatement Disclosure Timeliness?, Rapheal Joseph Hamilton

Investigating Novel Hydrothermal Synthesis Methods and Surface Chemistry Approaches in order to Better Integrate Quantum Dots into Applications in Biomimetic Self-Assembly and Energy Transfer, Hyunjoo Han

The Clar Structure of Fullerenes, Elizabeth Jane Hartung

From Practice to Theory: An Exploratory Research Study of the Relevance of Museum Studies Curriculum to Museum Professionals, Redell Renetta Hearn

Message from the State: Uncovering Effects of Public Policy on Women's Movements in Chile and the Czech Republic, Petra Hejnova

Learning Disabilities and the Virtual College Campus: A Grounded Theory of Accessibility, Nancy Lee Hollins

Court Of Public Opinion: How the Convicted Perceive Mass Media Have Affected Their Criminal Trials and Personal Lives, Marti Cecilia Howell-Collins

Small Audit Firms and Earnings Manipulations, Huichi Huang

"Roadblocks, Stop Signs": Health Literacy, Education and Communication at a Free Medical Clinic, Sally Jane Huntington

"Evo in the News": A Pedagogical Tool to Enhance Students' Perceptions of the Relevance of Evolutionary Biology, Lynn M. Infanti

The Path to an Orally Administered Protein Therapeutic for the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus, Susan Clardy James

The Effect of Design Teams on Preservice Teachers' Technology Integration, Laurene Johnson

Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Neonatal Oocyte Survival and Primordial Follicle Formation in the Mouse Ovary, Robin L. Jones

Design and Synthesis of Solid State Materials Constructed from Polyoxomolybdate Clusters, Stephanie Jones

Effects of Advertising on Advance Selling and Online Search, Mingyu Joo

Exploring Policies of Spirituality among College Students, Afton N. Kapuscinski

Double Engagements: the Transnational Experiences of Ethiopian Immigrants in the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Area, Kassahun Haile Kebede

Investigating Elementary Principals' Science Beliefs and Knowledge and its Relationship to Students' Science Outcomes, Uzma Zafar Khan

Output Interference and Strength Based Mirror Effect in Recognition Memory, Asli Kilic

Exploring Distinct Aspects of Shame and Guilt: Can Startle Reflex Modification Differentiate Shame from Guilt?, Sangmoon Kim

Terahertz spectroscopy and solid-state modeling of molecular crystals, Matthew D. King

A Search for WIMP Dark Matter using an Optimized Chi-square Technique on the Final Data from the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search Experiment (CDMS II)., Manungu Joseph Kiveni

The Body Machinic: Technology, Labor, and Mechanized Bodies in Victorian Culture, Jessica Kuskey

Efficacy of an Expectancy Challenge to Reduce Non-Prescribed Use of Stimulant Medications among College Students, Allison Kathryn Labbe

Self Similar Optical Fiber, Zheng-Xuan Lai

Victim, Aggressor, and Leader: Hierarchy, War Memory, and Foreign Policy of Postwar Japan, Jooyoun Lee

Returning the Commons: Resource Access and Environmental Governance in San Luis, Colorado, Keith Lindner

Chinese American Women, Identity and Education: A Qualitative Study, Qing Li

Community Interest as An Indicator for Ranking, Xiaozhong Liu

Modeling and Managing Engineering Changes in a Complex Product Development Process, Weilin Li

Three Essays on the Impact of Unemployment Insurance on Employment, Benefit Takeup and Other Labor Market Outcomes, Yun Li

Towards Closed Loop Control of a High-Speed Jet for Noise Reduction, Kerwin Richard Low

Screening and Brief Intervention for Hazardous Alcohol Use: A Pilot Study in a College Counseling Center, Danielle Terry Lynnette

Obesity Indices and Cognitive Function in Veterans, Kristin MacGregor

Learning Lessons and Being Schooled: The Relational Lessons of Young Women in an Alternative High School, Michelle Renee Maher

Lower Extremities Muscle Strength Associated With Early Signs of Mobility Dependence among Older Adults Age 65 Years and Older, Moshe Marko

Roles for Chd7 in Zebrafish Development with Implications for Human Disease, Nicole Lynn McDaniels

The Impact of Curricular Learning Communities on Furthering the Engagement and Persistence Of Academically Underprepared Students at Community Colleges, Joshua Grant McIntosh

Ambient Intelligence with Wireless Grid Enabled Applications: A Case Study of the Launch and First Use Experience of WeJay Social Radio in Education, Helen Patricia McKenna

The Class Ceiling in Doctoral Education: Social Class in the Formation of Scholars, Elizabeth Seton Mignacca

High School Teachers' Use of Graphing Calculators When Teaching Linear and Quadratic Functions: Professed Beliefs and Observed Practice, Levi Molenje

The Effects of Infrastructure Development and Taxation on Current and Future Earnings, Mukta Mukherjee

HIV-Related Stigmatization in Treatment Settings: Effects on Patient Comfort, Risk Disclosure, and Treatment Decisions, Jessica DeAnne Naughton

Essays on Operational Flexibilities in Production Planning under Supply and Quality Uncertainty, Tim Noparumpa

Linking Parental Developmental History, Perceptions Of Parenting Behavior And Attachment: Precursors To Peer Relatedness In Emerging Adulthood, Vikki Lynn O'Connor

Method of Moments Analysis of an Aperture in a Thick Ground Plane, Ahmet Burak Olcen

Recreation Capital: Natural Resources, Amenity Development, and Outdoor Recreation in Bend, Oregon, Brent Olson

Nitric Oxide Releasing Polymers For Vascular Graft Applications, Ifeanyi U. Onyejekwe

Physics on Noncommutative Spacetimes, Pramod Padmanabhan

Essays on Risk Mitigation Methods in Global Supply Chain Management, John Hyung Il Park

The R&D Boundaries of the Firm and the Governance of R&D Alliances: Essays on Institutions, Strategic Considerations and Contract Structure, Jason Michael Pattit

Effective Field Theories in Cosmology, Riccardo Penco

Cultivating Reform: Richard Nixon's Illicit Substance Control Legacy, Medical Marijuana Social Movement Organizations, And Venue Shopping, Jason Scott Plume

Covalent Modification that Enhances Protein Properties and Functions and Folds Random Coil into Alpha-Helix, Deepali Prashar

Discrete Sparse Fourier Hermite Approximations in High Dimensions, Ashley Prater

On Pessimism: A Study in Normative Psychology, Paul Prescott

Lawyers Need Law: A Study of Constitutional Arguments Made to State Supreme Courts, Richard S. Price

The Impact of Citizens' Knowledge On Public Administration: Exploring the Links in Three Social Movements, Vadym Pyrozhenko

Method of Moment Analysis of Partially Shielded Chiral Bodies of Revolution, Khaja Qutubuddin

A "Responsibility to Speak Out": Perspectives on Writing from Black African-Born Male Youth with Limited or Disrupted Formal Education, Bryan Ripley Crandall

The Risks of Outsourcing Security: Foreign Security Forces in United States National Security Policy, Eric Rittinger

Shape Memory Assisted Self Healing (Smash) Polymeric and Composite Systems, Erika D. Rodriguez

Engrafting Modernity: Daktari in Nineteenth Century Bengal, c.1830- c. 1900, Shrimoy Roy Chaudhury

A Temporal Model of Mindful Interactions Around New Service Conception, Joe Rubleske

"She's an All-in-One Guru": Devotion to a 21st century Mystic, Angela Carol Rudert

The Immanent Body: A Thematic Study of the Logic of Immanence in Christology, Philosophy and Aesthetics, Francis J. Sanzaro III

Enriching Step-Based Product Information Models to Support Product Life-Cycle Activities, Mehmet Ilteris Sarigecili

Role of the Nla6S and Nla28S histidine kinases in fruiting body development of Myxococcus xanthus, Zaara Sarwar