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W3C Compliance, Haskell, Web Development




Electrical and Computer Engineering


We report on the embedding of a domain specific language, (X)HTML, into Haskell and demonstrate how this superficial non-context-free language can be represented and rendered to guarantee World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) compliance. Compliance of web content is important for the health of the Internet, accessibility, visibility, and reliable search. While tools exist to verify web content is compliant according to the W3C, few systems guarantee that all produced content is compliant. We present CH-(X)HTML, a library for generating compliant (X)HTML content by using Haskell to encode the nontrivial syntax of (X)HTML set forth by the W3C. Any compliant document can be represented with this library, while a compilation error will occur if non-compliant markup is attempted. To demonstrate our library we present examples and performance measurements.


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