Volume 14 Number 1, Archives and Records Management, Syracuse University

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Intertext 2014 — Complete Issue

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Six Hours in a Clinic, Donna Adams

Volume 13 Number 1, Archives and Records Management, Syracuse University

Volume 13 Number 2, Archives and Records Management, Syracuse University

Thoughtful Presence: Chancellor Kent Syverud is Known and Admired for a Leadership Style that Reflects His Personable Nature, Sharp Intellect, Passion for Listening, and Commitment to Helping Others Achieve Success, Carol L. Boll

Blacktop Royals, Maura Buckley

Unrecognized States: A Theory of Self-Determination and Foreign Influence, Kristina Buzard, Benjamin A.T. Graham, and Ben Horne

Things to Write About, Chris Ceravolo

Turkish Soap Opera Diplomacy: A Western Projection by a Muslim Source, B. Senem Çevik

Section Intro: Pieces of Myself, Morgan Conover, Shanelle Drakeford, Danielle Martin, and Eric Weyand

Up for the Challenge : Outdoor Ropes Course Takes Participants Beyond Their Comfort Zones and Builds Teamwork, Jay Cox

Keeping the Mexican Moment Alive: A Case for Public Diplomacy, Fernando de la Mora

Heavy Metal, Doug D’Elia

Online Articles, Doug D'Elia, Luis Saucedo, and Shawn L. Ross

Section Intro: Invisible Wars, André Douglas, Tevion Johnson, Johnathan McClintick, Jessica Palomo, and Amber Watson

Section Intro: Facing Reality, Brianna Edgerley-Dallal, Mavis Lee, and Alexander Nelson

Opioids in the Military: A Soldier’s Disease, Kwang Lee Gan

The Rail, Robert Garite

Runner, Meredith Jeffers

Wall Street Ready: The Whitman School’s Orange Value Fund Immerses Students in The World of Finance and Teaches them how to Capitalize on the Experience, Denise Jochem-Robertson

The Parts of My Body, Nicole Letson

The Transition from School to Work for Children of Immigrants with Lower-Level Educational Credentials in the United States and France, Amy Lutz, Yaël Brinbaum, and Dalia Abdelhady

Resounding Tradition: For 125 Years, Students have Rung the Crouse Chimes, Providing a Sonorous Soundtrack for the University Community, Pablo Mayo Cerqueiro

You Are the Minority, Annemarie Menna

India’s Digital Diaspora Diplomacy: Operationalizing Collaborative Public Diplomacy Strategies for Social Media, Bhattiprolu Murti and R.S. Zaharna

Making sense of housing disparities research: a review of health and economic inequities, Lutchmie Narine and Marcia A. Shobe

“Russification” of “Soft Power”: Transformation of a Concept, Yelena Osipova

Misconceptions in Comparative Study of Public Diplomacy: A U.S.-China Case Study, Liang Pan

Central to Lacrosse - Three Lacrosse Films have Intricate Ties to SU and the Onondaga Nation, Highlighting the Sport’s History and What it Means to Those who Play it, Scott Pitoniak

Rhetorical Listening, Emmett Sanders

Papa, Kiana Schmitt

A Q&A with Dark Corners, Sarah Schuster

Public Diplomacy and the “Self” in Regional Organization: A Network Approach to Identity Formation, Image Formation, and ASEAN Community Building, Daniel J. Smith

Manhattan Immersion - As SU’s New Academic Campus In New York City, The Fisher Center Offers Students Across Disciplines Experiential Learning Opportunities In One Of The World’s Most Dynamic Metropolitan Areas, Amy Speach

Winning Support: The Center for Fellowship and Scholarship Advising Guides Students in Competing for Prestigious Scholarships, Helping them Achieve Academic and Career Success, Amy Speach

Introduction, David Swenton and Katie Tull

Fall 2014, Syracuse University Libraries

Spring 2014, Syracuse University Libraries

Open Access: A Model for Sharing Published Conservation Research, Peter D. Verheyen, Priscilla Anderson, Whitney Baker, and Beth Doyle

The Great Sustainability Challenge, Isidor Wallimann

Cashing in on the Pink Ribbon, Soleil Young

In Their Shoes, Nicky Zamoida



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Intertext 2013 — Complete Issue

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Between Two Worlds, Tatiana A. Andino

Volume 12 Number 1, Archives and Records Management, Syracuse University

Volume 12 Number 2, Archives and Records Management, Syracuse University

Volume 12 Number 3, Archives and Records Management, Syracuse University

KONY2012: The New Face of Citizen Engagement, Nicole Audette

Section Intro: Searching for Truth, Taylor Baker, Sarah Cho, Nicky Zamoida, and Brittany Zar

"The People Did Not Stop.", Taylor Baker and Samantha Mangovski

Analyst Pessimism and Forecast Timing, Orie E. Barron, Donal Byard, and Lihong Liang

Andean and Tibetan Patterns of Adaptation to High Altitude, Abigail W. Bigham, Megan J. Wilson, Colleen G. Julian, Melisa Kiyamu, and Tom D. Brutsaert

Rebranding Greece: Why Nation Branding Matters, Sofia Bisa

The Cantor Years, Carol L. Boll

Introduction, Jayme Brown and Hayley Kang

UNESCO and the U.S. at the Palestinian Impasse: Using a Boomerang Pattern to Public Diplomacy, Oscar Castellanos del Collado

Section Intro: Open Letters, Roland Cody, Danielle Kolodkin, Samantha Mangovski, David Swenton, and Katie Tull

Welcome to the ACC: Make way for Tobacco Road, Tiger Paws, and the Ramblin’ Wreck as the Orange enters a new era in its intercollegiate athletics history, Jay Cox

The Archimedean - January 2013, Department of Mathematics, Syracuse University

Encouraging Words: The Creative Writing Program marks 50 years of care and commitment to developing writers, Rob Enslin

Forensic Science Resources: How to get what you need, Linda M. Galloway

Altmetrics for the Information Professional: A Primer, Linda M. Galloway and Janet L. Pease

Social Media and Citation Metrics, Linda M. Galloway and Anne E. Rauh

Section Intro: Transformations, Emile Gilson and Caesia King

Reflection and transmission from biaxially anisotropic - Isotropic interfaces, Jennifer W. Graham and Jay K. Lee

Human Nature, Ginger S. Gunnip

Diplomacy 2.0: The Future of Social Media in Nation Branding, Britney Harris

The Salvation of Whiskey, Courtney Hytower

April 10, 2013, Imagining America, Imagining America

February 27, 2013, Imagining America, Imagining America

January 23, 2013, Imagining America, Imagining America

May 16, 2013, Imagining America, Imagining America

May 22, 2013, Imagining America, Imagining America

Teacher outreach efforts and reading achievement in kindergarten, Eunjoo Jung and Heejeong S. Han

The Daw and the Honeybee: Situating Metaphors for Originality and Authorial Labor in the 1728 Chambers’ Cyclopædia, Krista Kennedy

Introduction to the Special Issue on Western Cultures of Intellectual Property, Krista Kennedy and Rebecca Moore Howard

Chambers, Ephraim (1680-1740), Krista Kennedy, Cécile Révauger, and George Lamoine

National Image of South Korea: Implications for Public Diplomacy, Dennis F. Kinsey and Myojung Chung

Life Events and Treatment Outcomes Among Individuals with Substance use Disorders: A Narrative Review, Marketa Krenek and Stephen A. Maisto

Allie, Annie Licata

Dancing in Davos: Combining Private Sector, Government, and Rising Nonstate Actors, Siyu Li

Fluency Training in Phoneme Blending: A Preliminary Study of Generalized Effects, Brian K. Martens, Candace S. Werder, Bridget Hier, and Elizabeth A. Koenig