Spring 2012 n.2, SU Madrid, SU Madrid

Spring 2012 n.3, SU Madrid, SU Madrid

Contests as a Tool Of Public Diplomacy: The “India is…” Global Video Contest, Navdeep Suri

The Obama Effect In The Arab World, Ryan J. Suto

February 2012, Syracuse University Future Professoriate Program, Syracuse University Future Professoriate Program

Fall 2012, Syracuse University Library

Spring 2012, Syracuse University Library

Vol. 24 Number 2, Newhouse Network, Spring 2012, Syracuse University. S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

On Exploiting Flow Allocation with Rate Adaptation for Green Networking, Jian Tang, Brendan Mumey, Yun Xing, and Andy Johnson

Outreach Bulletin 2012, The South Asia Center

Section Intro: Acceptance and Identity, Genevieve A. Thomas and George R. Edinger

How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Days: Deathbed Marriages in America, Terry L. Turnipseed

The President and the Autopen: It Is Unconstitutional for Someone or Something to Sign a Bill Outside of the President's Presence, Terry L. Turnipseed


Pragmatism and Compromise in Conservation, Peter D. Verheyen

Platten en perkament, Peter D. Verheyen and Marlene Hoogeveen (Translator)

Medvedev vs. Putin in Kremlin-Sponsored Advertorials in the U.S. and India, Evhenia Viatchaninova

Why Should I Cite Them? Student Writers in the Academy, Elizabeth Vogt

The best and worst of everything, Patricia Volk

January/February 2012; VPA Momentum, VPA Office of Communications

Effective Permittivity of Dense Random Particulate Plasmonic Composites, Satvik N. Wani, Ashok Sangani, and Radhakrishna Sureshkumar

Relic Texts, James Watts

Performance Bounds for Sparsity Pattern Recovery with Quantized Noisy Random Projections, Thakshila Wimalajeewa and Pramod K. Varshney

Survivable Virtual Infrastructure Mapping in Virtualized Data Centers, Jielong Xu, Jian Tang, Kevin A. Kwiat, Weiyi Zhang, and Guoliang Xue

Crowdsourcing to Smartphones: Incentive Mechanism Design for Mobile Phone Sensing, Dejun Yang, Guoliang Xue, Xi Fang, and Jian Tang

Required reading, Chris Zenowich

The New Public Diplomacy: the Winning Move in Revolutions, Shannon Zimmerman


Stretching the Parameters of Diplomatic Protocol: Incursion into Public Diplomacy, Shahidul Alam

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword, Ahmed Al-Salem

Beyond the Nation Brand:The Role of Image and Identity in International Relations, Simon Anholt

Similarities in fan preferences for minor-league baseball across the American southeast, Tyler Anthony, Tim Kahn, Briana Madison, Rodney Paul, and Andrew Weinbach

Volume 10 Number 1, Archives and Records Management, Syracuse University

Volume 10 Number 2, Archives and Records Management, Syracuse University

Efficient First Order Methods for Linear Composite Regularizers, Andreas Argyriou, Charles A. Micchelli, Massimiliano Pontil, Lixin Shen, and Yuesheng Xu

Quantum Equivalence Principle Violations in Scalar-Tensor Theories, Christian Armendariz-Picon and Riccardo Penco

On Khovanov-Seidel Quiver Algebras and Bordered Floer Homology, Denis Auroux, J. Elisenda Grigsby, and Stephan M. Wehrli

Stable Generalized Finite Element Method (SGFEM), I. Babuska and U. Banerjee

Instrumental Variable Estimation of a Spatial Autoregressive Panel Model with Random Effects, Badi Baltagi and Long Liu

Generic Phases of Cross-Linked Active Gels: Relaxation, Oscillation and Contractility, Shiladitya Banerjee, Tanniemola B. Liverpool, and M. C. Marchetti

Substrate Rigidity Deforms and Polarizes Active Gels, Shiladitya Banerjee and M. C. Marchetti

Motor-Driven Dynamics of Cytoskeletal FIlaments in Motility Assays, Shiladitya Banerjee, M. Cristina Marchetti, and Kristian Muller-Nedebock

Empirical Critical Loads of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition for Nutrient Enrichment and Acidification of Sensitive US Lakes, Jill S. Baron, Charles T. Driscoll, John L. Stoddard, and Eric E. Richer

Nonlinear Hydrodynamics of Disentangled Flux-Line Liquids, Panayotis Benetatos and M. Cristina Marchetti

Interoperable Credentials Management for Wholesale Banking, Glenn Benson, Shiu-Kai Chin, Sean Croston, Karthick Jayaraman, and Susan Older

Why Probability Appears in Quantum Mechaincs, Jerome Blackman and Wu Teh Hsiang

The Ghost of Home: Past and Present, Veronica Boehm

Three-Dimensional Folding of the Triangular Lattice, Mark Bowick, P Di Francesco, Oliver Golinelli, and Emmanuel Guitter

Self-Propulsion of Droplets by Spatially-Varying Roughness, Mark Bowick and Zhenwei Yao

The Shrinking Instability of Toroidal Liquid Droplets in the Stokes Flow Regime, Mark Bowick and Zhenwei Yao

A Direct Limit for Limit Hilbert-Kunz Multiplicity for Smooth Projective Curves, Holger Brenner, Jinjia Li, and Claudia Miller

Theorizing Embodied Communicative Organizing: Fleshing out Genre with Goffman’s Situational View, JoAnn Brooks

Differences Between Human Oriented and Machine Oriented Information Standards: Implications for Design of Enterprise-Scale Information Systems, JoAnn Brooks and David Mann

Search for Gravitational Wave Bursts from Six Magnetars, Duncan Brown and J. Abadie

All-Sky Search for Periodic Gravitational Waves in the Full S5 LIGO Data, Duncan Brown, J. Abadie, Stefan Ballmer, Collin Capano, and P. Couvares

Implementation and Testing of the First Prompt Search for Electromagnetic Counterparts to Gravitational Wave Transients, Duncan Brown, J. Abadie, Stefan Ballmer, Collin Capano, and P. Couvares

Search for Gravitational Waves from Binary Black Hole Inspiral, Merger and Ringdown, Duncan Brown, J. Abadie, Collin Capano, J. A. Garofoli, and Eiichi Hirose

Beating the Spin-Down Limit on Gravitational Wave Emission from the Vela Pulsar, Duncan Brown, J. Abadie, Collin Capano, J. A. Garofoli, and A. P. Lundgren

A Measurement of the Semileptonic Branching Fraction of the B_s Meson, Duncan Brown and J. P. Lees

Inciting the Social Imagination: Education Reseach for the Public Good, M. Christopher Brown II

Non-Commutative Desingularization of Determinantal Varieties, II, Ragar-Olaf Buchweitz, Graham J. Leuschke, and Michel Van Den Bergh

Public Diplomacy Following 9/11: The Saudi Peace Initiative and “Allies” Media Campaign, Candace R. Burnham

Sport Sovereignty at Bay: The Impact of Globalization and the Multi-National Sport Enterprise on the Westphalian-Based International Sport Structure, Rick Burton, Matthew Robinson, and Emir Turam

Are College Rankings Out of Step with America's Future?, Nancy Cantor

It's Graduation Time-So What Do We Want From Universities?, Nancy Cantor

Scholarship in Action: Remapping Higher Education, Nancy Cantor

We Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For, Nancy Cantor

MCRG Minimal Walking Technicolor, Simon Catterall, Luigi Del Debbio, and Joel Giedt

Systematic Errors of the MCRG Method, Simon Catterall, Luigi Del Debbio, Joel Giedt, and Liam Keegan

Perturbative Renormalization of Lattice N=4 Super Yang-Mills Theory, Simon Catterall, Eric Dzienkowski, Joel Giedt, Anosh Joseph, and Robert Wells

de Sitter Gravity from Lattice Gauge Theory, Simon Catterall, Daniel Ferrante, and Arwen Nicholson

An Object Oriented Code for Simulating Supersymmetric Yang--Mills Theories, Simon Catterall and Anosh Joseph

Outsourcing Mutual Fund Management: Firm Boundaries, Incentives and Performance, Joseph S. Chen, Jeffrey D. Kubik, and Harrison Hong

Equidistribution Results for Singular Metrics on Line Bundles, Dan Coman and George Marinescu

Pade Interpolation by F-Polynomials and Transfinite Diameter, Dan Coman and Evgeny A. Poletsky

Structure and Optical Properties of Self-Assembled Multicomponent Plasmonic Nanogels, Tao Cong, Satvik N. Wani, Peter Anthony Paynter, and Radhakrishna Sureshkumar

Plasmonic Nanogels with Robustly Tunable Optical Properties, Tao Cong, Satvik N. Wani, Georo Zhou, Elia Baszczuk, and Radhakrishna Sureshkumar

Caring for grandchildren and intergenerational support in rural China: a gendered extended family perspective, Zhen Cong and Merril D. Silverstein

Child Neglect and Its Association With Subsequent Juvenile Drug and Alcohol Offense, Ken Corvo, Wan-yi Chen, Ellen deLara, and Jennifer Propp

Voter Model Perturbations and Reaction Diffusion Equations, J. Theodore Cox, Richard Durrett, and Edwin A. Perkins

A Branching Process for Virus Survival, J. Theodore Cox and Rinaldo B. Schinazi

Wild Hypersurfaces, Andrew Crabbe and Graham J. Leuschke

China's Growing Role in World Trade: Trade Growth, Production Fragmentation, and China's Environment, Judith M. Dean and Mary Lovely

Child neglect and its association with subsequent juvenile drug and alcohol offense., Ellen deLara, J Propp, W Chen, and K Corvo

Fall 2011, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Department of History Newsletter Summer 2011, Department of History

Leap of Faith, Kevin Dicciani

Stability of Carboplatin and Oxaliplatin in their Infusion Solutions is Due to Self-Association, Anthony J. Di Pasqua, Deborah J. Kerwood, Yi Shi, Jerry Goodisman, and James C. Dabrowiak

Drama Queens & Gossip Fiends, Allie Ditkowich

Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Mercury Accumulation in Lacustrine Sediments across the Laurentian Great Lakes Region, Paul E. Drevnick, Daniel R. Engstrom, Charles T. Driscoll, Edward B. Swain, and Steven J. Balogh

Integrating Science and Policy: A Case Study of the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation Science Links Program, Charles T. Driscoll, Kathy Fallon Lambert, and Kathleen C. Weathers

The Dance, . EPB

What's Wrong with Economics? It Ignores the Pogo Principle: "We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us", Jerry Evenesky

What’s Wrong with Economics? It Ignores the Pogo Principle: 'We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us', Jerry Evensky

Adam Smith's Essentials: On Trust, Faith, and Free Markets, Jerry M. Evensky

Comparison of Silicon-on-Insulator and Body-on-Insulator FinFET Based Digital Circuits with Consideration on Self-Heating Effects, Peijie Feng and Prasanta Ghosh

Cooperative Self-Propulsion of Active and Passive Rotors, Yaouen Fily, Aparna Baskaran, and M. Cristina Marchetti

Losers and Losers: Some Demographics of Medical Malpractice Tort Reforms, Andrew Friedson and Thomas J. Kniesner

Do the GSEs Expand the Supply of Mortgage Credit? New Evidence of Crowd Out in the Secondary Mortgage Market, Stuart A. Gabriel and Stuart S. Rosenthal

Homeownership Boom and Bust 2000 to 2009: Where Will the Homeownership Rate Go from Here?, Stuart A. Gabriel and Stuart S. Rosenthal

Enhancer Binding Proteins Initiate and Propagate Multicellular Development in Myxococcus xanthus, Krista Michelle Giglio