Andrew Cunneen

Document Type

Thesis Prep

Publication Date

Fall 2005




environment, sustainability, energy, green architecture, Boston, Back Bay, mixed use, market design, townhouse




Architecture | Environmental Design


"The architecture of present day America reflects the way in which we give little consideration to the impact that built forms have on the environment. American cities are expanding beyond their former limits into the natural environment previously untouched by built form. It is important for us to foster a sense of environmental concerns in an age of increasing development and advancements. While technology continues to progress it seems that these advancements are applied to everything but architecture. We have designed ways to get more mileage out of a tank of gas, and created appliances that reduce our electric consumption, but what have we done to implement advancements into architecture? Not only do we need to start responding to idea of preserving our environment socially and politically, but architecturally as well. The question that remains then is; how do we being to create architecture that is capable of responding to and merging the built environment with the natural environment?"

Additional Information

Advisors: Stroh / Hogue